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Welcome to NEPA Health and Life!

We're a small business that focuses on protecting our clients when it comes to health and life expenses. Our clients are always concerned about what expenses they will encounter when it comes to illness or death. Because you're here, you know how important it is know how your bills and those around you will be protected when your health fails or when you pass away.

We all know friends or family members who have been financially devastated due to sickness or death. Our clients know when tragedy strikes, how their bills will be covered. We know that

There are two ways you can go about moving forward. You can either call us direct to find out how you can complete your protection plan at 570-800-2005 or you can investigate our site here to find out what kinds of approaches are available to you to protect the income you've worked to build.

Our office is located in Moosic, PA.

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About Zach

Hi! My name is Zach and I'm the founder of NEPA Health and Life. I've worked in several areas of the Insurance business from claims to training agents. My specialty is in simplifying the insurance buying process for my clients. The best feeling is when I get a call from a client who recently left the hospital, or a family member after a loved ones passes and they know how their bills will be paid.

I live in West Scranton with my wife Ashely and two children Eliza and Rowan.

Why Work With Us?

There is no shortage of places to get your insurance from.

Here are a few reasons we can be your right fit:

1) Support Local Business

We are a local business. Money you spend with us is spent in our local economy. It goes to skating lessons, groceries, and mortgage payments. We love our community. Not only that, you can stop by our Moosic office to ask questions or get support.

2) One Stop Shop

We can assist with all of your Health and Life insurance needs. You don't have to work at tracking down different agents. Our clients need their coverage at the most trying times of life and we're there to help hold your hand through the process.

3) Claims and Billing Support

The processes can feel overwhelming when you're trying to make sure your bills are being paid. We're there to offer a helping hand and point you in the right direction when needed.

4) Expert Help

We've spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of experience learning how to simplify the processes you'll need to get your coverage in place. Insurance is an old industry with antiquated systems. We have invested in technology and expertise so you aren't having to be weighed down by the process and can get back to your life as simply as possible.

How to Build a Protection Plan

Building a protection plan is easier that you'd think.

What is a protection plan? It is two fold:

First, it is a plan for what happens when tragedy strikes. What doctors can you go to? What bills are covered? Who is your support team when that happens. All of the insurance in the world can't help, if you don't know how to utilize it.

Second, it is a handful of insurance policies. This helps you know how you'll pay for your medical bills and cover your expenses when you pass.

How do we help?

We help with more than just insurance. We make sure you have the coverage you need and that information to make sure your coverage can be utilized when something terrible happens.

More importantly, since we've simplified the process, insurance doesn't have to consume your life. You can rest knowing your covered and get back to living life the way we all should be able to.